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Dear Friend,

Congratulations on getting your hands on the private label rights, which includes all the essentials to get started selling the product.

However, I realize that you may want to make as much money from this PLR product as possible, so my team and I have put together: 

9 EXCLUSIVE  Modules and Many SURPRISE BONUSES (For FREE!!) that will increase your profits, build your list of subscribers and DOMINATE the marketplace.

Allow me to introduce to you to…

The GOLD Package

This GOLD package will give you the unfair advantage and you’ll become part of an Elite few.

All the modules that we have included in the Gold Package was specifically designed to assist you with getting traffic.

What Exactly Is Inside The Gold Package?

GOLD MODULE #1 : 10 Video Tutorials With PLR Rights

Here it is! 10 video tutorials/presentations – the perfect complement to the main PLR package you just purchased.

  • Offer these videos as an UPSELL when people buy the main product. This will increase your profits drastically!

  • These high-quality HD videos were recorded by an expert video creator.

  • These are STUDIO QUALITY videos recorded in high definition.

  • Rebrand the videos as your own as they aren’t branded or watermarked in any way.

  • Full HD videos in MP4 format – 1920 x 1080 resolution.

With HOURS shaved off from recording these videos yourself, you’ll be glad that all you need to do is download and upload these videos for your customers to watch.

** Includes Full Private Label Rights! **

GOLD MODULE #2 : Ready-Made Upsell and Thank-You page

Explode your profits with this instant, ready-made upsell page that sells the 10 video tutorials!

This sales page is mobile-friendly, too!

  • We’ve done it all for you. Simply add your order button and add this page as your upsell for the main product.

  • Stop the struggle trying to come up with your own upsell package!

  • Edit the salespage and add more products to the upsell page to increase the value even more!

GOLD MODULE #3 : Presentation Video Slides

In addition to the 10 video tutorials you get in Gold Module #1 (as shown above), I’m also going to hand you the original presentation slides used in the videos so you can edit it to your needs if you wish to do so!

You can even resell these slides to your customers for even added value!

GOLD MODULE #4 : Presentation Transcripts

Why get just the slides when you can get the full word-for-word transcripts of all the videos?

Yes, that’s word-for-word transcripts, giving you the complete freedom to do so much, including:

  • Re-create the videos using your own voice or another person’s voice

  • Add your own content or extract content out of it

  • Provide your viewers with a word-for-word transcript of the videos as some people learn better by reading

  • Word and Plain Text formats included

  • Private label rights included and you may resell these transcripts, too!

GOLD MODULE #5 : Audio Voice Over Files

You’ll also get instant access to the audio files of the video tutorials.

The audio files have been professionally leveled, filtered and cleaned so that you’ll get crisp, high-quality audio.

  • Upload as a Podcast audio and generate traffic from Apple iTunes, SoundCloud and

  • Use the voice overs to re-create the video presentations.

  • Private label rights included and you may resell these voice overs, too!

GOLD MODULE #6 : 7 Day-Email Autoresponder Series

Pre-load These Autoresponder Messages To Turn Subscribers Into Customers

Your Subscribers Will Love You For These Value-Driven Emails

This is a special 7 day autoresponder series that shares tips and techniques on the subject.

The aim is to give value, build a relationship with your subscribers and subtly promote the main product.

You’ll get:

  • 7 autoresponder messages. Simply pre-load to your autoresponder.

  • These messages build your credibility and trust.

  • Written in an authentic, friendly angle.

  • Provided in plain text format for easy copying and pasting.

This is a powerful way to automatically establish yourself as an expert and make sales at the same time!

GOLD MODULE #7 : Feature Images

5 x High-Quality Feature Images To Promote The Product On Your Blog And Social Media

You’re also going to get a “special offer” styled graphic. Place this on your your website, blog posts or download pages.

GOLD MODULE #8 : Affiliates' Toolbox Page

Provide Your Affiliates With Promo Tools To Promote Your Product!

  • Ready-made promo tools page for your affiliates. Attract affiliates to promote your product easily!

  • Lots of pre-written swipes for your affiliates to choose from!

  • Includes embedded email swipes, subject lines, social media swipes and graphics!

  • Easy-to-customize HTML template.

GOLD MODULE #9 : 10 x Instagram Carousels

Instagram Carousels are hot these days! It is an informative, educational, and interactive way for your followers to consume your content.

An Instagram Carousels is used for posting multiple images. Viewers simply swipe left/right to move throughout the content.

You’ll receive 10 Instagram Carousels made up from the 10 articles included from the main PLR package.

  • All Instagram Carousels were designed in Canva. You can edit the carousels as you wish with a free Canva account.

  • You’ll receive the images in JPG format so you can upload them right away to your Instagram account.

  • You’ll get 10 sets of Instagram carousels all up! The above is just one example of an Instagram carousel set.

  • There is a call to action on the last carousel of each set to get their copy of the main product.


We are Providing BONUSES!!

If You BUY GOLD-Pack TODAY!  You will get FREE ACCESS to 4– Remarkable Bonuses 

FAST-ACTION BONUS #1 : Ready-Made Keynote Presentation!

Valued at $167. Yours FREE as a Bonus!

22 slides in total with 20 bite-sized tips

  • Distribute it on slide sharing sites such as and for FREE TRAFFIC! Simply upload and start getting traffic from Google and slide sharing sites!

  • Created in Google Presentation. Edit the slides easily!

  • Provided in 4 different formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Google Presentation and Plain Text.

FAST-ACTION BONUS #2 : Get 3 High-Quality Products with PLR Rights

Valued at $137. Yours FREE as a Bonus!

Check out the PLR products you’ll get:

FOCUS (PLR):- Discover The Tips and Strategies To Stay Focused In a World Full of Distractions

Gain Mental Clarity (PLR):-How To Obtain Mental Clarity In Your Business To Achieve Greater Success!

Memory Hack (PLR) :- How To Sharpen Your Mind & Increase Your Memory

FAST-ACTION BONUS #3 : Internet Cash In 8 Days

Valued at $297. Yours FREE as a Bonus!

This audio course will help you to identify the right business model for your online success. It will provide you tips for starting and building your business.

You will learn all the details about how to make money from Clickbank.

FAST-ACTION BONUS #4 : Sales Video Formula Training

Valued at $497. Yours FREE as a Bonus!

A video on a landing page can increase conversions by upwards of 86%.

Did You Know? it’s also worth mentioning that last I checked, more than 80% of the top 10 bestsellers in each Category on ClickBank use the Video Sales Letter – or VSL – approach.

That’s saying something about the importance of using video as a major tool in your sales pitch.

You will discover a systematic approach to DOUBLING or even TRIPLING your conversions… often with just simple tweaks and changes!

And you won’t necessarily need amazing video making or editing skills to make that happen.

You may have seen and studied the best selling products on marketplaces like ClickBank and JVZoo. The top selling products that gross high 6 and 7 figures usually feature nothing more than a sales video or a hybrid of video and sales page like the one you’re seeing right now.

Despite the differences all these video sales letters have, more often they follow a pattern.



One that when obeyed, will produce STELLAR results.

Discover How To Crank Out Your Own Killer Sales Videos! Secret Formula To High Converting Profit Pulling Videos!

You Will Access The Following Video Training Modules:

Module #1: Winning Video Sales Letter Layout

There’s a psychological reason why most if not all of the top selling products on marketplaces like ClickBank and JVZoo are set up in this way (but you might not realize them)

You will be shown how a winning VSL layout looks like, so you can follow and prep your site for some hardcore sales!

Module #2: The Sales Video Formula

The core component of my video training and exactly why I named the entire course so. I give you the formula on how to create your own VSL masterpiece and after this you’ll be churning them out like gangbusters for EPIC results!

This is the same formula as used by most of the best selling products sales videos across several niches.

Module #3: VSL Tweaks

I Also Give You A Collection Of Surprisingly Simple ‘VSL Hacking’ Tips To Drastically Boost Your Conversions.

Yes the devil is in the details, and I show you how making easy tweaks can DOUBLE or TRIPLE your sales with no extra traffic or visitors!

Let’s say you’re getting an average of 2% conversion rates for your offer – which means every 2 in 100 visitors purchase your product.

With simple tweaks, even if you boost your conversion rate to 4% – that’s already DOUBLE the customers you get for the same amount of visitors!

A minor tweak can make a STAGGERING difference in the long run, so imagine how many people out there have surrendered to mediocrity.

Which is a waste considering they’re only a few tweaks away from optimizing their sales count.

That brings to the next part…

Module #4: Split Test

That’s right. Most people don’t know how to use a split test tool and fewer find it essential to even use it in the first place.

I show you how to expertly use Split Test campaigns and discover your winning VSLs.

And to answer the ultimate question…

Module #5: Pure VSL vs. Hybrid VSL vs. Pure Copy

You have seen these around. Quite simply, there are generally 3 types of sales pages out there. And you might be wondering which type of copy is the best and most ideal. The market varies so I list out the pros and cons and you can make a fully informed decision in your VSL plan.

I have gone through TONS of trial and error to discover the formula to high converting sales videos – and spent countless nights doing my own independent research.

You might be also aware that marketing experts charge to the tune of thousands of dollars to teach sales in their workshops and seminars.

Although I have yet to come across any that teach specifically on VSL creation – which is the future of selling on the web.

To cut the chase – good news is I have no intention of charging a ‘seminar fee’.

It won’t be anything quite like that. 


How Much For All This?

When you consider everything you’re getting in this GOLD package, it should be a no brainer.

Truth be told, everything you’re getting listed on this page wouldn’t even be affordable to produce on your own.

Think of all the time, labor and resourced involved:

  • Over 112 hours to produce this package

  • Hundreds of dollars in video creation costs

  • More money spent on design costs

Plus, packaging it all together to make it presentable.

And it’s no exaggeration. If you’ve ever created a product yourself, then you know just how much work’s involved to produce a high-quality product.

Usually all these valuable components would cost you over $1500 to produce, but of course, you’re not going to invest anywhere near that.

Let's Recap Everything You're Getting First:

GOLD MODULE #1 : 10 Video Tutorials With PLR Rights

GOLD MODULE #2 : Ready-Made Upsell and Thank-You page

GOLD MODULE #3 : Presentation Video Slides

GOLD MODULE #4 : Presentation Transcripts

GOLD MODULE #5 : Audio Voice Over Files

GOLD MODULE #6 : 7 Day-Email Autoresponder Series

GOLD MODULE #7 : Feature Images

GOLD MODULE #8 : Affiliates’ Toolbox Page

GOLD MODULE #9 : 10 x Instagram Carousels


FAST-ACTION BONUS #1 : Ready-Made Keynote Presentation! [ VALUE $167 ]

FAST-ACTION BONUS #2 : Get 3 High-Quality Products with PLR Rights [ VALUE $137 ]

FAST-ACTION BONUS #3 : Internet Cash In 8 Days [ VALUE $297 ]

Surprise BONUS : Sales Video Formula Training[ VALUE $497 ]

TOTAL VALUE :- $2311+


As this is a special ONE TIME OFFER, you can get instant access to all 9 power-packed modules + 4 Fast-Action Bonuses for just a measly $47 only ( SAVE  – $420 )!

ORDER NOW With Confidence on 100% SECURE Servers

And Get Access To The amazing limited-time price + bonuses!



By purchasing the Gold package, you agree to the following terms:

[YES] Private Label Rights included to all 9 modules
[YES] Package may be resold
[YES] Videos may be resold
[YES] Videos may be uploaded to YouTube
[YES] You may rebrand/edit the contents
[YES] You may watermark the videos
[YES] You may translate the contents
[YES] Can be provided as a bonus
[YES] Can sell standalone/personal use rights
[YES] Can sell resell rights
[YES] Can sell master resell rights
Cannot sell private label rights

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